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Kata mutiara cinta bijak
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TOPIC: Kata mutiara cinta bijak
Kata mutiara cinta bijak 2 Years, 4 Months ago Karma: 0
Source: Kata mutiara Kata kata mutiara

Dating is an opportunity to know each other more closely. You will spend time together to explore mutual compatibility with each other. Arguably, dating is the gate for you to enter a tempestuous relationship.

However, the first date can also turn into a disaster if you are too tense. Fear of making a mistake and ended up meeting went very stiff.

This is dangerous, because it could have the wrong perception about him you: Someone who is stiff and too boring for courted. So, do not be afraid of doing the wrong thing. In the midst of all the rules and ordinances dating there, here are a few dating rules gathered from the men.

While we were dating, this is what is in their heads, and like women, men are without hope you know he had to express it. Follow these basic rules and everything will go smoothly.

Do not automatically expect that he will invite you date a sumptuous dinner at a nice restaurant. Perhaps the heck, crave a romantic date movie style. But if it turns out he just invites you to enjoy chicken soup at the restaurant before the shop a hub of commerce, just enjoy it. If you feel offended by his choice, he will think you are not the one. Usually he will invite you to enjoy the things he likes, when he likes you.

Do not over analyze
When he's finally asked you on a date, do not do too much research about it. Avoid asking questions about him through various friends. Even though your friend know, avoid goadaan to ask a lot. Go out goal to get to know each other. Too much research it will blind your judgment. Therefore, before meeting and getting to know each other you already have a self-assessment. Mmm ..., which was not necessarily true.

Be careful talking about ex (Kata kata bijak Kata mutiara cinta)
Usually there will be talks about a girlfriend before. But this topic should be avoided, talk about the sad story of the past will only spoil the fun today. When you have closed the book with the story then you should also shut up.

Offer of paying
Currently there are many men who would refuse to share the bill. Not that you should not offer the silence of paying when the bill comes. Normally he would politely refuse your money and pay for everything. But your offer gives the impression that you also enjoyed going with him to be willing to spend money.

Dating Brief
Make your first date in a short time only. Unless you already know each other in a long time. For example, you are dating a high school friend, no matter if you spend the time to linger with him. Suggestions for a first date: enough to have three to four hours. Dating short will leave a sweet impression if you are interested. Besides you and he's not looking forward to going next meeting.

Do not insult other women
Hold yourself if you look at other women that you think are not worthy. Whether an appropriate style of dress, make-up weird or excessive. Whatever it hold your comment. Keep it all for yourself. Men do not like women who like to demonize people. Moreover, criticized the style of another woman. Focus only on the date both of you, trying to get to know

Say thank you
At the first date, the impression is very important. Men will be happy to open the door for you, pull your chair and let sit. All that will be done by reflex as a reasonable action do men. As a form of courtesy, do not forget to give thanks to him.

By : kata mutiara bijak penuh cinta
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uzzw 2 Years, 1 Month ago Karma: 0
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zgwy 2 Years, 1 Month ago Karma: 0
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